Thursday, July 12, 2012

Castles and parting thoughts

It was raining in Paris, and we were wet. In the last few days we drove from Provence to Paris, and we were tired. And wet.

We stayed in a 17th-century manor house only to be served American cheese (not Wisconsin cheddar, but Kraft singles)! I don't know If this was a statement, but it made us want to leave. That and the lack of soap, towels, and toilet paper.

We drove from there to 2 chateaux-the Renaissance confection of Chambord, and the Medievally furnished Langeais, with its 10th-century keep. Zoe was so excited that she pretended to be a dragon who had a a steady job defending castles.

And today, we somehow turned a 3-hour drive from the Loire valley to Paris into an all-day ordeal.

We finally arrived at our last Paris apartment soaked. But this miserable weather reminded me of the first few times I'd been to Paris, and how cold and inhospitable it seemed at times, especially in the rain. No wonder I ha fallen I love with green, warm Amsterdam for life 20 years ago!

We decided that the miserable rain was a good note to leave on though. We were ready to go home. Everyone reading this blog: you can be sure that we miss you.

Having climbed to the 6th floor, we found the apartment to be so cozy, with an amazing view of Canal St. Martin and Sacre Coeur. We got food from the supermarket next door ans settled in for the night to enjoy the well-earned romance.

And that seems to be the best place to leave you all...or rather to return...

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